Annotation to Arthur Conan Doyles Sign of Four

Annotation to Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sign of Four”

Ganukova Anna, 13

Form 7 “A”

Learning English from the 5-th form

Secondary school №38:

10, Jubileiny Str.,

Vorgashor, Vorkuta, Komi Republic, Russia

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Teacher: Tabekina Irina Ivanovna

Аннотация к книге А. Конан Дойля Знак четырех

Ганюкова Анна, 7 А класс

изучает английский язык с 5 класса

МОУ “СОШ – 38”

переулок Юбилейный, дом 10

поселок Воргашор, город Воркута, Республика Коми

8-82151-4-34-68 (приемная)

учитель: Табекина Ирина Ивановна

“The Sign Of Four”

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Reading is my passion. I can’t agree with people that detectives provide only good entertainment.

My favourite detective writer is Conan Doyle. He’s a real master of a craft not devoided of psychological and artistic interest. His stories are full of adventures mystery and surprise, have a tremendous sense of place and the settings. They are always carefully researched and beautifully described.

The “Sign Of Four” is his real masterpiece. It was published in 1890.

…Mary Morstan comes to Sherlock Holmes in the hope that he will be able to solve a mystery. As usually the mystery leads to murder. Holmes and Watson seek to stolen treasure…

It must be admitted that the great detective comes fully to life – not only as a melancholic and inscrutable master of deduction. He is always puzzled but never quite defeated. His life is arranged on the principles of justice and humanistic ideas.