Ancient people project 10 класс

Report did Klepach Margarita

Form 11

Scientific supervisor:

Kholomeeva I. V.

Ancient people

Ancient people have replaced the ancient people, which is also called неандертальцами (at the place of the first discoveries in the valley of the river Меандр, Germany;). The area of the ancient people, as shown by the findings in Africa, Asia and Europe, was big enough. In the finds are often found stone tools, traces of fires, the bones of dead animals.

Neanderthals lived in the glacial period from 200 to 30 thousand years ago. The wide dissemination of the ancient people, not only in regions with a warm climate, but also in harsh conditions, subjected to freezing Europe testifies to their significant in comparison with the most ancient of human progress. Ancient people were able not only to maintain, but also to obtain fire.

In a warm climate Neanderthals lived on the banks of the rivers, under the eaves of cliffs; in the cold — in the caves, which they often had to win a cave bears, lions, hyenas. The cave in which the blazing fire, and reliably protected from the cold and from the attacks of wild beasts.

Ancient people in comparison with the ancient people were more progressive type of the person . The volume of their brain is equal to the volume of the brain of modern man. Among the ancient people witnessed the further development of speech. On the progress of thinking is evidenced by the guns of the Neanderthals: in the form they were quite varied and served for the most various purposes. With manufactured guns of the ancient people hunted animals, stripping them of skins, butchering carcasses, built dwellings.

Among the ancient people celebrated the occurrence of elementary social relations, which were expressed in the care of those, who because of wounds or illness could not independently produce food. Neanderthals meet for the first time of burial.

Collective action is already in primitive herd of ancient people played a crucial role. In the struggle for existence won the group, which has successfully hunted and better provide themselves with food, care about each other, reached the lower mortality rates of children and adults, better: overcoming the severe conditions of existence. The ability to make tools, articulate speech, the ability to learn — these qualities were very useful for the team in General. Natural selection provided further progressive development of many signs. As a result of improved biological organization of the ancient people. But the influence of social factors on the development of Neanderthals became stronger.