A letter to a friend

Flat 66

64 Polusnaya Street

Tula 300036



Dear friend,

Thank you for your letter.

In your letter you asked myopinion about the winter Olympic Games.Frankly speaking, I am looking forward to the start of the games, because it is the most exciting sport events in the world. Hundreds of people come to defend the honor of their country. And all these people are united by the sport spirit. In such moments, my heart is filled with joy and happiness. Each four years the Olympic committee chooses the country which will receive these competitions. I am full of pride for my country, asit will receive the Olympic guestsin 2014. I am sure that we will spend the winter Olympic Games in 2014 well, and our country will amaze all their achievements.

I was pleased to share your thoughts on this wonderful theme. What do you think about the Olympic Games?

Well, I’d better go now, as I have a lot of home work.

Write back soon.

Best wishes,