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Dear Sherlock Holmes,

I’m writing a letter to you to ask for help.

Yesterday my favorite box of chocolate, a birthday present, disappeared. I will tell you some useful information to help you in your investigation. After school at 2p.m I came home and decided to eat some candies from my box. I always put it on the shelf. I examined all the shelves but couldn’t find my box. I asked my mother Sveta, who was at the kitchen, about my present. She said that she had been cooking since the time my younger sister returned from school. My father was at work. I came to my sister Ira, she looked very pleased. When I asked my sister about my box of chocolate, she said: “I didn’t take anything”- and turned on TV. Then I asked her what time she had come from school. She answered that she had returned at 2o’ clock as me. Then our mother called us for lunch. My sister wasn’t hungry and refused from meal. I’m upset and frustrated because I like chocolate very much.

I hope you will find the chocolate thief soon.

Faithfully yours,


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