Вопросы к тексту 5А

1. What is in the center of every electronic device?

1.1 What are electronic devices based on?

It is well known that at integrated circuit is in the hart of every electronic device

2. What physical principals are modern computers based on?

Modern computers based on physical properties of electricity

3. Are physical properties of electricity limited?

Unfortunately the physical properties of electricity are limited. We can’t develop more powerful supercomputers

4. What do we mean when we speak about further development of computers?

When speak about new generation of computers we mean new technologies based on new properties of light.

5. What are the advantages of light over electricity?

Light has several advantages over electricity: light beams are faster, travel in parallel lines and pass each other without interference

6. What new chips are being developed now?

Now new photon chips are being developed

7.what the speed of photon computers?

The speed of photon computers will be