МОУ Лицей №28

г. Н. Новгород

пр. Гагарина,8

Конкурсная работа

Эссе на тему: « How Green Are You? Minor Steps Major Changes!»

Выполнила: ученица 7«А» класса

МОУ лицея №28 им.Б.А. Королева

Сухова Дарья

Учитель: Колосова Ирина Анатольевна


Nowadays our planet is in a big danger: ecological problems have become the most actual. The air, the water, the lands are polluted. Many species of animals and plants are almost extinct.

More and more people understand that we should take some measures to improve the situation. Certainly we can`t influence the industrial pollution but we can change our abusive attitude to the nature that gives us everything to live. Each person can prevent forest from burning if he doesn`t leave smoldering fires and cigarettes after picnics. We all should keep our environment clean, not throwing garbage everywhere. I personally don`t litter anywhere, I don`t tear wild flowers, I feed birds in winter.

Each of us should think what he can do to protect our planet. Otherwise, in 10 years we will live on a big dump and have nothing to eat, drink and breathe! People will have new diseases. Animals and plants will be poisoned by industrial wastes. But I hope that we can avoid this situation.

Even now big industrial companies invent new kinds of cars working on electricity or hydrogen. Perhaps, in some years people will refuse from cars on petrol and diesel, use new types of environmentally friendly automobiles.

I also believe that people will develop new technologies permitting us to refuse from plastic packs, harmful detergents and new effective filters and purifiers for industrial wastes will be installed in plants and factories, and recycling of garbage will be a normal thing.

This is our planet and we must take care of it. Our future depends of us!