“Daily routines”

Different people have different ways of life. Someone gets up very early, someone likes to lay in a bed almost till the afternoon. But what impact does it have on our daily routines and life in general?

On the one hand, I have no doubt that I am an owl that is a person who wakes up and goes to bed late. Unfortunately, it’s really hard for me to wake up in time but I’m never late for school. Also being evening person is good for me because I’m a creative person and my Muse comes to me almost at night, so I have enough time for creative work.

But on the other hand, sometimes I wake up and go to bed very early, as my mother does – she is a lark. In my opinion, morning persons become tired very quickly because they are up since early morning. So, they want to sleep already in the afternoon. I don’t like this way of life because in the afternoon I usually work harder than in the morning.

All in all I’d like to say that our biological clocks play a major role in choosing the future occupation, because a lark will never be a good night watchman and an owl will always be late if he or she works in school.

The time when people wake up depends on personal biological clocks. They are usually built in our genes. If someone’s mother and father are morning persons, their child will be a lark, too. But if one of the parents is an owl but the other one is a lark, their son or daughter is likely to be a humming bird!