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UNIT 1. Social Work: What is it?

Look at this drawing. What associations do you connect with the phrase “social work”? Work with a partner and complete the drawing with as many words as you can.

Social work

Social work

Compare your drawing with another pair’s.

Come up with your own definition of ‘social work’ and write it down. Work in pairs and share your ideas with the partner.

Read the text, learn the words after it and answer the questions:

What is Social Work?

Social work is an established professional discipline with a distinctive part to play in promoting and securing the wellbeing of children, adults, families and communities. It operates within a framework of legislation and government policy, set out in Putting People First and the Children’s Plan, and contributes to the development of social policy, practice and service provision. It collaborates with other social care, health, education and related services to ensure people receive integrated support. It is a profession regulated by law.

Social work is committed to enabling every child and adult to fulfill their potential, achieve and maintain independence and self-direction, make choices, take control of their own lives and support arrangements, and exercise their civil and human rights. It looks at people’s lives and circumstances in the round, and works with them to personalize social care responses to fit their own individual situations. Its approaches and working methods aim to promote empowerment and creativity.

Social work embodies a set of core values and principles. It is committed to the rights of the child; respects the equality, worth and human rights of all people, and their individuality, privacy and dignity; and challenges discrimination and prejudice. Its knowledge base, drawn from relevant academic disciplines, is informed by the experience and expertise of people using services, developed through research and tested in practice. Social work makes a particular contribution in situations where there are high levels of complexity, uncertainty, stress, conflicts of interest, and risk, particularly to children and vulnerable adults. It applies specialist analytical skills and knowledge to assessing these situations, and making complex judgments on action to take.



устанавливать, учреждать, вводить


отчетливый, ясный


способствовать, помогать, продвигать




каркас, основа, фундамент


гарантировать, уверять


поддержка, помощь




ответ, отвечать













Answer the questions:

1. What is social work?

2. What way does social work operate?

3. What does social work collaborate with?

4. What is the main task of social work?

5. What are the main values and principles of social work?

Now you have some ideas about social work. Continue the sentences:

— Social work collaborates with …

— The main task of social work is…

— Social work makes a particular contribution in situations…

-… applies specialist analytical skills.

Translate into English:

Социальная работа — утвержденная профессиональная дисциплина, нацеленная на улучшение и сохранение благосостояния детей, взрослых, семей и сообществ.

Социальная работа состоит из набора основных ценностей и принципов.

Социальная работа частично работает с ситуациями высокого уровня сложности, неуверенности, напряжения.

Для работы в таких ситуациях от специалиста требуются аналитические навыки и знания, и способность принимать сложные решения.

Translate the sentence and write down all types of questions:

Social work embodies a set of core values and principles.

Explain the meaning of the following word combinations and terms used in the text:

social policy

social work

social care

UNIT 2. Social Work Profession

There are a lot of professions in the modern world. Different people choose different professions. Why did you choose social work?

Look at this drawing. What associations do you connect with these types of professions? What type does social work profession belong to?



person — to-person

person — to-person

person- sign systems

person- sign systems

person — equipment

person — equipment

person — nature

person — nature

person -image

person -image

Read and translate the text using the vocabulary bellow:

Social Work Profession

Social work is emerging as an important profession in the modern world. It is committed to the enhancement of human well-being and to the alleviation of poverty and oppression.

The basic functions of social work are restoration, provision of resources, and prevention. Restoration of impaired social functioning may be subdivided into curative and rehabilitative aspects. Its curative aspects are to eliminate factors that have caused breakdown of functioning, and its rehabilitative aspects, to recognize and rebuild interactional patterns.

Provision of resources, social and individual, for morе effective social functioning may be subdivided into developmental and educational. The developmental aspects аrе designed to further the effectiveness of existing social resources оr to bring to full flower реrsonal capacity for more effective social interaction. The educational spectrum is designed to acquaint the public with specific conditions and needs for new оr changing social resources.

The third function, prevention of social dysfunction, involves early discovery, соntrol, and elimination of conditions and situations that potentially could hamper effective social functioning. The two main divisions аrе: prevention of problems in the аrea of interaction between individuals and groups, and the second, the prevention of social ills. Prevention of social ills ordinarily falls within the аrea of community organization.



усовершенствование, улучшение


облегчение, сокращение


целительный, оздоровительный




избавление, уничтожение

Answer the questions:

What are the basic functions of social work?

What is subdivided into curative and rehabilitative aspects?

What does the prevention of social dysfunction involve?

Complete the drawing

functions of social work

functions of social work

True or false:

— Social work is emerging as an important profession in the modern world.

— The basic functions of social work is prevention.

— The prevention of social dysfunction involves early discovery, соntrol, and elimination of conditions and situations that potentially could hamper effective social functioning.

Find the Russian equivalents:

— interaction between individuals and groups

— the prevention of social ills

— social dysfunction

— social resources

— реrsonal capacity

Read the following passage about the structure of social work in the USA and answer the questions bellow:

Social Work

Social work is a term used to describe a variety of organized methods of helping people in some need which they cannot meet unaided. The organization of social work has always tended to be related to specific needs or problems, such as poverty, delinquency, and mental or physical disablement.

Social work methods fall into three main categories: social casework which is concerned with individuals and their families; social group work in which association with others is the primary therapeutic agent and community resources. The boundaries

between these three methods are not distinct and in all social work great emphasis is placed on enabling people to use their own resources, and those resources which already exist within the community, in order to help themselves.

The uniqueness of social work is in the blend of some particular values, knowledge and skills, including the use of relationships as the basis for all interventions and respect for each person’s choice and development.

What are the three main categories of social work methods?

What are about the distinctions among the methods?

Try to make your own story using the texts.

What parts of speech are the underlined words?

UNIT 3. The history of social work

What do you know about the history of social work? There is one saying: to know something you should learn its history. What does it mean?

Read some facts about the history of social work. Translate them into Russian:

Social work has its roots in the struggle of society to deal with poverty and the resultant problems. Therefore, social work is intricately linked with the idea of charity work; but must be understood in broader terms. The concept of charity goes back to ancient times, and the practice of providing for the poor has roots in all major world religions.

Social work, as a profession, originated in the 19th century. The movement began primarily in the United States and England.

Read the text about Jane Addams, “the mother of social work”. Have you know this name before?

Jane Addams – Mother of Social Work

Growing up as the eighth of nine children in rural 1860’s Cedarville, IL, Jane Addams described herself as an “ugly, pigeon-toed little girl” with a crooked back. Surgery eventually corrected her congenial spinal defect, but not before Jane identified herself with the misfits and victims of society. The “horrid little houses” in the slums nearby Freeport shocked her and got her wondering about what could be done to improve them. She was six years old at that time.

Jane was blessed with a father whom she adored and who impressed her with his virtues of tolerance, philanthropy and his strong work ethic. He was a man of influence himself, an owner of grain mills, officer in the Civil War, State Senator for 16 years and personal friend of President Abraham Lincoln, also from Illinois. John Addams encouraged his daughter to pursue an education. Her schooling emphasized social responsibility and passion for culture and good works. For a while, she set her sights on becoming a doctor and stayed at the school for another six years.

After school Jane and a friend from college, Ellen Starr were touring Europe and Britain when she visited London’s East End and Toynbee Hall. Toynbee Hall was a “settlement house”, ministering to the needs of London’s poor. They decided to bring the concept to America, and found a decayed mansion on Chicago’s Halstead Street originally built by a merchant named Charles Hull. Hull house opened its doors for all those who cared to enter on September 18, 1889. So great was the need for basic social service that 2,000 people a day asked and received help. The old mansion grew to include many firsts for Chicago, including a playground, gymnasium, citizenship preparation classes, public baths and a swimming pool. It led to the enactment of the first factory in Illinois, the first tenement code and was the birthplace of four labour unions. Hull house became a national historic landmark in June of 1967.

Jane Addams made her childhood dream of improving living conditions for the poor come true. She didn’t make it to Oslo for the Nobel Prize, though, as her health had begun to fail by 1931. When she passed away on May 21, 1935, a train carried her from the funeral services at Hull House to rest in Cedarville, the place where she grew up and began her life’s passion of service. So great has been the lasting effect of her works that Jane Addams has been described as one of social work’s “founding mothers”.

(Adapted from Shepler, J. (1999)).





с пальцами ног, обращенными внутрь





















Answer the questions:

— How did Jane Addams describe herself?

— How did her father influence to her life?

— What dream did Jane have?

— Why was Jane Addams called Mother of Social Work?

Creating a timeline when reading helps you to understand the order of events in the text. Some texts present a series of events in chronological order. If you record these events on a timeline, it will help you to understand and remember the order of these events.

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