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Geographical Position of the USA

The USA in the central part of the North American continent. It borders on Canada in the north and Mexico in the south. It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the east, by the Pacific Ocean in the west and by the Gulf of Mexico in the south.

The present territory of the USA consists of three separate parts. The USA proper and Alaska are situated in North America. The Hawaii are situated in the central part of the Pacific Ocean.

The area of the country is about 9,400,000 km2. Its population is about 256 million people. President of USA is Barack Obama.

The Great Lakes are situated in the north-east of the country. They are Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Superior, Lake Michigan. The largest rivers of the USA are the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Columbia, the Colorado, and the Yukon. American rivers have very expressive names: the Snake River, the Milk River, the Green River, the Sweetwater River, the White River.

The climate of the U.S. also varies depending on location. There are all kinds of differences in the climate of the US.

The USA has rich deposits of coal, oil, iron, zinc, copper, silver, phosphate rock, natural gas, uranium and nonferrous metals. The country has one fourth of the world’s coal deposits.

New words:

Border [’bɔ:rdər]-шекара

Present [’prezənt] –ішкі

Proper [’prɒpər] — материялық

Situated [’sɪtʃu:‚eɪtɪd] — орналасқан

Lake [leɪk] — көл

River [ˈrɪvə(r)] — өзен

Varies [’veərɪ ] — өзгеру

Location [ləʋ’keɪʃən]— орналасқан

deposits of coal [dɪ’pɒzɪt ɒv kəʋl]  — үлкен көмір қалдыға

oil [ɔɪl]- май

iron [’aɪərn] —қара темір

zinc [zɪŋk]— цинк

copper [’kɒpər] жай асықпай

natural gas [’nætʃərəl gæs] — шикі газ

uranium [jʋ’reɪnɪəm]- уран

nonferrous metals [nɒn ˈfe-rəs ’metəl ] әр түсті металлдар

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