сочинение для конкурса Наша страна-наше наследиена темуBaku



Ф.И.О. участника

Yusifova Parzad Nizamievna


Образовательное учреждение

Moscow School № 1924 From 8 B



Teacher Belkova Ekaterina Alexandrovna

Hello, my name is Pari and I was born in Baku. I love my native city. Baku is a wonderful, magnificent city. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. Since 1818 Baku was a part of the Russian empire, from 1918 to 1920 was the independent state, from 1922 to 1991 was in structure of the USSR. On 30 August 1991 the state independence has been proclaimed. Baku is a very warm city, but there is very strong wind in winter. There is the Caspian sea on the territory of Baku. Baku has the main sight, which has been constructed in 16 century. The name of this sight is “The Maiden Tower”. This Tower was named so, because a young girl jumped off this tower. The Palace of the Shirvanshahs is the biggest monument of the Shirvan-Absheron branch of the Azerbaijan architecture, situated in the Inner City of Baku. In December, 2000 the palace was included in the list of monuments of the World cultural heritage of UNESCO. There are many parks in Baku and you can find a park in each district the biggest and the most fascinating is near the sea in the center of the city. In this park there are many exotic trees, so this park is an ideal place for those, who are interested in beautiful landscapes and exotic plants, and it has a great choice of entertainment. Most parks were named after Geydar Aliev in Baku. There are many monuments connected with this famous person in Baku. There are many theatres. There is a big concert hall in the center of the city, in which the most important events take place. There are many museums, so our city has a wide choice of cultural events, there are many historical museums, and I advise you to visit the museum of gobelins and carpets, and there is an ancient carpet, which is about 700 years old. If you are interested in music, you can visit our museum of national musical instruments. There are many beautiful mosques in Baku, the most attractive for visitors is Mir Musumoha, which is decorated with jewels. This mosque is wonderful, when you look at this mosque, you will get amused with its beauty. This year our city will organize the most famous competition of songs “Eurovision” in Baku, and for this competition people are building an artificial Iceland. I hope this show will be great and exciting. I hope that you will enjoy my city.

Maiden Tower Palace of the Shirvanshahs.