сочинение My teacher

My teacher of English.

All languages are different. Some are very hard, some are easier. I have been studying English since Form 2. English is my favorite subject.

I would like to write some few words about my best teacher. My teacher’s name is Margarita Alexandrovna. She is nice and clever. She knows much about of English traditions and customs of speaking countries. In my opinion her favorite subject is English too. My teacher is pretty with short fair hair, round face, straight nose, large blue eyes, small ears and white even teeth.

Her hobby is knitting and gardening. On holidays she plays volleyball and basketball with her friends at school. She likes to play basketball and volleyball.

Margarita Alexandrovna teaches us to read, write and speak English. We play interesting games together, sing English songs, play computer games with multiplication heroes. At the lessons she often tells us different jokes, anecdotes and funny stories. Sometimes we write dictations. Best of all I enjoy English songs. I fond of Christmas songs: «Happy New Year» and «Jingle bells».

My dear, dear teacher

I love you very much

I want you to be happy

All day and all night.

by Timofeeva Diana

the 5-th form