презентация по теме In the world of subcultures Goths


I’d like to speak about one of the popular subcultures – Goths.

It’s important to mention that subculture is a group of people who have interests different from those of the mainstream culture.

The name Goths comes from the neo Gothic period of literature with it’s atmosphere of mystery and terror and stories about Dracula and Frankenstein.

The Gothic image and aesthetics were formed under the strong influence of the image of a vampire. Their favourite films are “Nadya”, “the Addiction”, “Interview with a Vampire”. Their favourite writers are Bram Stoker and Ann Rice.

I think they have negative view of life. Goths look as thin and pale as possible.

Their favourite colours are black and red. They like wearing black clothes. They have long hair and black make-up. The members of this subculture prefer wearing silver jewellery.

There are many kinds of Goths: Androgyn Goths, Cybergoths, glittergoths, gypsygoths, fetishgoths, punk Goths, western Goths, tribal Goths, vampire Goths.

There are also many gothic groups: Him, the Rasmus, 69 eyes and so on.

In conclusion I’d like to say that subcultures are not as bad as they are thought to be. It is not a fan club, it is a real life for them.