дз теория перевода 1

Air pollution results in acid rain which ruins buildings by corroding metal and dissolving stone.

Это вскоре на вас повлияет.

The Prime Minister’s dramatic European move was timed to divert public attention from the more dismal news of Rhodesia and the freeze.

Poland was the first post-communist country to implement what later was called a ‘shock therapy’ in the economic policy.

The first IBM PC set a world-wide standard of IBM-compatibility which over the next 10 years was only seriously challenged by one other company.

Every inch of his face expressed amazement.

Это дело требует нашего постоянного внимания.

If the talks make it clear that Britain is committed, the Government will be in a strong position if they decided to apply formally for membership next June.

A new social protection policy is expected to be put into practice already this year.

Applications generate output for a window using the GDI functions

Each branch of engineering uses particular standards and units of measurement.

Это подтвердило странную связь между нами.

This policy will ensure that successive currency crises do not affect the level of economic activity and overall welfare of the nation.

The relationship is responsible for the original shifting of this band.

The domestic water consumption amounts to half of total in the average city.