Эссе на тему There are people who are physically and mentally challenged and they face

Пузанов Никита, 9 класс

МБОУ СОШ №3 г.Рассказово,

Тамбовская обл.

Учитель:Лядская Н.Ю.

Эссе на тему «There are people who are physically and mentally challenged and they face many problems that prevent them from leading a normal life.»

It is popularly believed that the disabled cannot lead a normal life. I want to have a look at this problem from my point of view and express my own opinion.

As for me personally, first of all, I think that each person has the right to normal lifestyle regardless of sex, age, race, nationality or disability. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees this right to all people. Secondly, we must provide the disabled children with the approachability of getting education at a secondary school among ordinary pupils. Moreover, the level of IQ of the cripples is not lower the one of the other people. Last but not least, my experience says, the disabled are more pleasant to communicate with because they are kind, patient and the most tolerant of all people in the world.

However, some people have an opposite opinion. They consider that these people should be separated from the society of common people and live inside a small group of human beings equal to themselves. They explain it by that fact the disabled avoid the cruelties and injustices which take place in general society.

I completely disagree with their opinion because all people maybe happy and full of high spirits only if they care of each other, support and help each other in difficult situations.

Taking everything into account, we can change the life of the disabled people for the better by recognizing the value and dignity of all people, everywhere and at all times.