Эссе на английском языке по теме Хобби

Эссе по теме «Хобби», УМК Английский с удовольствием для 5-6 классов, М. З. Биболетова, Н. Н.Трубанева

We all know that a lot of people have hobbies .Some people think that hobbies make their life more interesting, and other people say that it is a waste of time.

As for me, I think that hobby is useful. Firstly, we learn a lot of new things. For example, we can learn new culture and its traditions .Very often our hobbies help us to choose our future professions because we learn a lot about them. Secondly, hobby is a way of spending free time. For example, we can take pictures, collect postcards, to listen to music, to play basketball, chess and so on. Thirdly, we can meet new people. Communication with them is always interesting .

But on the other hand some people think that hobby can be dangerous. Besides, it takes a lot of time. We have no time to do our homework and to help our parents around the house. And more than that, it can be boring.

I disagree with it, because a hobby expands our outlook .

To sum up, I would like to say that hobby is what a person likes to do in free time. Hobbies differ like tastes. If you have chosen a hobby to your liking, lucky you are: you have made your life more substantial. (210 слов)