Эссе Мое любимое слово

My favourite word.

Student: Mihailova Anna

School: 139

Form: 7-1

Teacher: Petrova Y.V.

The word “life” means the period of time from someone’s birth until their death: She devoted her life to helping others. The other meaning of this word is “your particular way of living and the experiences that you have”: His life revolves around his children. One of the meanings is “the state of being alive”: He believed his life was in danger. It means also “living things such as plants and animals”: We are now beginning to believe that there may be life on other planets. One more meaning is “the period of time during which something exists or continues”: The average life of a television is about ten years. The other meaning is “the amount of activity or excitement in a place”: There isn’t much life in this village.

The word “life” came from Proto-Germanic libam, properly “continuance, perseverance”. From Proto-Indo-European leip which means “to remain, persevere, continue; stick, adhere”. Or from Old Norse lif that means “life”, “body”. According to one version word “life” came from Dutch lijf which means “body”. Perhaps it came from Old High German lib which means “life”. Or from German Leib “body”. Many of the modern meanings were presented in Old English. Meaning “property which distinguishes living from non-living matter” is from 1560s. Sense of “vitality, energy” is from 1580s. Extended 1703 to “tern of duration” (of inanimate objects).

What is life? The different people understand this in their own way. For some people life is something light, life is a flight of fancy. For other people life is a grey daily occurrence. But for the most people life is the first definition with the second a little. And I apply to these people.

For me life is an original and constant thing. We can only adapt to it but we can’t choose it. We can’t control our fate and we can’t predict our future.

Our life has rare feasts which make us happy. I don’t mean Birthday or New Year. I speak about the moments which we remember for a lifetime. These moments we recollect when we are happy and when we are upset.

In these presents of the fate we see the ideal life. Not such that the Universe gives every day to us. But imagine our life consists of feasts entirely. It is ideal. Then we will go for the impeccable life, won’t we? And what else?

In some situation people can affect to their lives. They can do it better or ruin it by themselves. We can add some happiness but we can’t reach the perfection any way.

Life is good not only for its colors. It is good for its unpredictability of the daily occurrence. Because the word “daily occurrence” doesn’t mean that all days are the same. According to it we can do our life more beautiful and more interesting.

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