Эссе My Tea4er is my Ideal

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«My Tea4er is…»

Номинация «Эссе»

Тема работы: «My Tea4er is my Ideal. »

Автор: Климакова Алина,

Ученица 6 класса,

г. Узловая Тульской области.

«My Tea4er is my Ideal. »

My name is Alina. I am in the 6 form and study at Municipal Gymnasium. My school is the best place for me, where I receive good knowledge and have a lot of friends.

English is my favourite lesson. We have 5 lessons of English a week. My teacher is Kirillova Raisa Petrovna.

She teaches me to be a disciplined and a tidy pupil, to speak and read English well.

When Raisa Petrovna comes in, we stand up, say “Good morning” and our lesson begins. We answer her questions, read different texts, write exerсises.

I like to stand at the blackboard and act dialogues with my friend Lera. If we answer well, my teacher gives us 5. Raisa Petrovna speaks only English, but I understand her. The lessons of English are very interesting. It’s easy for me to do lessons at home. I study a lot of English words. Sometimes they are difficult. Learning English takes a lot of time and efforts. But I do my lessons properly.

If I have any problems I can turn to my teacher. She helps me and other pupils with wise advice because she is competent in everything.

I think Raisa Petrovna loves us. She worries about each pupil.

I see she isn’t indifferent to her work and to achievements of her pupils. All my friends respect her intellect, kindness, care, attention. I am sure she goes to work with pleasure.

That’s why I say: “Thank you, my dear teacher, for your patience and love! You are the best teacher in the world!

I’d like to follow the steps of my teacher.

My Tea4er is my Ideal.

Пояснительная записка

Моё участие во Всероссийском конкурсе не случайно.

Цель работы – рассказать об одном из педагогов нашей школы.

Своё сочинение “My Tea4er is my Ideal” я посвящаю Кирилловой Раисе Петровне, учителю английского языка МБОУ гимназии г. Узловая Тульской области, моему любимому учителю.

Какая она? За что любят её ученики? Как проходят наши уроки английского языка?

В работе использованы фотографии из личного архива Кирилловой

Р. П. (с её согласия).