Эссе My Native Town

Monino is a small town in Moscow region. It is a very picturesque place. Its beautiful scenery is often depicted by local painters. You can find all types of landscape there: there are a lot of woods, fields and meadows around the town. I like my native town in all seasons of the year. I like it in spring when everything is bright green and there are a lot of flowers everywhere. I like it in summer when the town resembles some southern resort with its long and beautiful alleys. I like it in autumn when the ground is covered with a soft carpet: of fallen leaves and the trees are green yellow and red. I like it in winter when the town turns into a crystal palace from a fairy-tale,

Monino was famous for its Air Force Academy named after Yuri Gagarin. It trained pilots and navigators for our Armed Forces. The Academy was proud of its graduates. Many of them fought bravely in the skies of our Motherland during the Great Patriotic War. More than 650 Heroes of the Soviet Union graduated from our Academy.

Monino is also famous for its Air Force Museum where you can find a lot of exhibits and documents connected with the history of Russian and Soviet aviation.

Its collection of aircraft and helicopters is of great interest to both young and old. Thousands of people from all parts of our country and from many other countries of the world visit our museum. It’s one of the four largest museums of history of aviation in the world. The other three are in the USA, Germany and France.