Эссе Dreaming about a car

Dreaming about a car.

Nowadays cars have become very popular and play an important role in the life of every man. Each person dreams of the individual transport and try to buy it in any case. So it is difficult to imagine our society without them.

On the one hand cars have a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, cars pollute the air. I can’t agree with this argument because now practically every car is well – equipped with a special control system to reduce their exhaust fumes. Secondly, cars have a bad influence on human health because people walk less and breath less fresh air. Finally , the cost of the car itself and the fixed prices on gasoline are very high.

On the other hand there are several arguments in favour of a car. If you have a car you needn’t stay at the bus stop and wait for the public transport when it is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. People, who have a car, can go whenever and wherever they like. More over cars are the best way of comfortable travelling because you needn’t buy tickets and you can stop wherever you like. Cars are the main way of transportation for people who live far away from their work.

Many people are against the cars and believe that they can go without them. But I don’t agree with these people and want to have a car very much because it is the best way of movement. Summing up I’d like to say that though the cars have certain disadvantages, people would not be able to survive without them. However I believe that we should improve our cars to lower their harmful influence on people’s health.