Фестиваль MELTA Poetry 2012 Стихотворение A Road Less Travelled By Anna Skatchkova Анн

ФестивальMELTA Poetry 2012”

Стихотворение “A Road Less Travelled…”

By Anna Skatchkova (Анна Скачкова)

(School № 1950) [email protected]

A road less travelled,

It’s not on the map,

It wasn’t discovered,

It’s not in the net

It’s a dream of each person,

Each girl and each boy,

To find any reason,

And spend life with joy.

We are looking for something,

Don’t know where to find,

A road less travelled

Or the way of that kind.

I’m sure we’ll be able,

To find what we need.

So, life will be stable

And happy indeed!

A road less travelled

I found last week

It was in the jungle

Of East Mozambique

I went down the road

To a chocolate lake

There’s a monster

Eating a cake

The monster was pretty

It’s body was round

And it was so happy

To show me around

I flew by the monster

To see magic streets

There were funny animals, birds, tasty sweets

I picked up some chocolates,

Started ice cream

But then…

I woke up…

It was only a dream!