Тексты Four Or Five(F.O.R)

world without us

close your eyes

forget all deals

and imagine how can be without us

clear sky

birds fly

welcome to the perfect world

world without us

innocent beauty

order and calm

what for we are

its like a paradise

virgin and nice

just without us


Its a lonely day

I was going on a highway

And thinking about lost happiness

I was cruel with her

But she was kind with me

I have lost my future

I dont know what to do

How do i want to talk with you

Wanna ask how are you, whats new

What are you doing today?

and the angels cry

silence comes

bringing trouble

the devil triumphs

demon are ready for a battle

people are runing in fear

this is the last date

on the earth

we cant avoid

the late

and the angels cry

and drop to down

and birds cant fly

hopes drin in fear

it only remains to ash

hope burned in the fire

we are waiting for crash

dont see the light

there is no strength to fight

we can only fall

and die

nuclear winter

When an explosion

All of bombs will explode

We will be on position

And wait for the death

nuclear winter

Lets thunder rock-n-roll

nuclear winter

And thousands damned souls

nuclear winter

Nowhere to run

nuclear winter

Take booze and your gun

Death hasnt left a last hope

And God has changed the job

Angels become corrupted whres

And paradise closed all of the doors

the beast!

Like a dead man at night

i avoid the light

In the grave was very dark

i was lying hungry and stark …

you know what i want

you know what i need

your fault that produced

the beast!

it was very fight

now i am free and i wanna fight

you — my feed

you — what i need

in this black and white world

i dont find repose

i will get wet in the rain

like a hour and lonely rose

tired of wandering and i fall

and will wait

a new dream, new meaning, a new goal

a good son

when you feel sad

when you despair in me

trust me, i am not bad

im trying to be ..

a good son

you supported me all my life

never say good boy

i dont wanna cry

just listen me

im not bad

im trying to be

a good son

sorry mom i love you

but must go in the way

dont cry, dont sag say its not true

im not going away

i ll be back. it s all

just wait my call

а death isn,d end

You should know some news

I should say to you

Today i saw death

And my breath stopped

Because she came for me

But i asked her to give me one more day to see you

Last time

And i go away

When you will hear knock on the door

Don’t resist

Let me go and don’t cry

You will always be only mine

Death is not end

I just leave this land

No need to despair

Some day we’ll meet again

That night

That night

In a fit of passion

I gently kissed her lips

I look serious decision

Forever stay with you

You lay on me forgeting all

In you eyes i see

You innocent soul

You innocent soul

What’s happend at that night?

We were so close to the forbidden

Oh God, why you lied?

I can not forget that night..

Припев: That night

Don’t wanna lie

Don’t wanna lie

That night

Don’t wanna lie

And wanna cry