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Construction Plant

In road construction the developed world relies on construction plant.

For clearing vegetation and undesirable materials from the roadway, the bulldozer is often employed.

The construction of rock cuts is commonly done with power shovels, draglines, and mobile drills.

Shaping the formation and moving earth from cuttings to embankments is accomplished with bulldozers, graders, scrapers, elevating graders, loaders, and large dump trucks.

Compaction is accomplished with rollers.

Backhoes and trenchers are used for drainage work.

Rippers (рыхлитель) may be used for obtaining lower-grade material.

Crushers, screens, and washers produce stone of the right size, shape, and cleanliness.

The placement of paving material increasingly involves a paving machine for distributing the aggregate, asphalt, or concrete uniformly and to the required thickness, shape, and width. As it progresses down the road, it applies some preliminary compaction and also screeds (разравнивать) and finishes (отделывать, шлифовать) the pavement surface.