Творческий перевод


(Творческий перевод ученика 11 «А» класса Иванова Алексея)

The region is one of the largest in the province for the area occupied and the population. The region`s total area is 7018 square kilometers. The region comprises 201 populated localities.

Tikhvin is the ancient Russian town. It is situated in the east from St.-Petersburg, in the South Ladoga part of Leningrad region.

The area is located in the territory of the East-European Plain. That`s why the region has flat plains with little altitudes. (mainly 50-100 meters above sea level )

Lowlands predominate, mainly located in the valleys of large rivers: Svirskaya and Tikhvinskaya.

Climatic conditions in the Tikhvin region are wholly determined by its geographical position at the border of the vast Eurasian continental track and Atlantic threshold.

The climate is temperate – continental.

The region is characterized by a relatively mild winter with an average temperature from -7 till -11 C and frequent thaws and by a moderately warm summer with + 15 to + 22 C on the average.

Proximity to the Baltic Sea and also to two large inland water bodies, the Ladoga and Onega lakes, accounts for excessive humidity with 700-850 mm of precipitation a year.

The main type of soil in the area are podzolic, poor in humus and characterized by significant acidity.

Geographically the region lies within the belt of south taiga and 84 % of its area is occupied by woods. Particularly great wood tracks are situated in the north and north-east of the region. Over 50% of wood is represented by coniferous tree species, i.e. pine and fir; whereas birch and aspen dominate among leaf-bearing species.