Стихотворение Необычная планета Unusual Planet


Is a planet BIG or small?

I don’t know it at all.

‘cause I’d been living there two month

And the planet changed its SEIze.

It’s colourful: bright green and blue

And its inhabitants have flu.

They all are unusual – not like us

And live they all in a BIG green BUS.

They travel every night to stars

In order to find the grass

Because the planet’s plantfullness,

They cannot live without trees.

They’re very strange: unusual shape,

Big eyes, small ears, they all like steak.

And name for them is carcutters

Because their enemy rob their terrace.

So the planet’s name comes to two words:

Car”, “cut”. “Carcutta,” – sound birds.

May be you’ll visit Carcutta

And be convinced in my abracadabra.

Валерия Кудрявцева

Г. Анжеро-Судженск,

ООШ №36, 5 класс