Стихотворение Атаманюка Олега сочиненное на День Святого Валентина

Стихотворение Атаманюка Олега, ученика 10 класса, сочиненное на День Святого Валентина

This wonderful day came at last

But, unfortunately, it will end too fast,

The day of love is very short as a minute,

Let’s use as pleasant as possible our limit.

You know I’m eager to be with you forever,

We’ll part, trust me, honey, never!

If you agree and don’t mind, if it’s fair

We’ll become the most splendid, the happiest pair.

I love you very much before myself,

Frankly speaking, you are all my wealth.

I’m ready to leave all my reaches

To be with you, to see your features.

I feel the emotion in my blood,

Please, open me your frail heart.

We’ll reunite our souls today

Being happy we’ll go along our brilliant way,

We’ll win all the stars

The Providence and God will help us.