Сочинения учеников по английскому языку по теме Экология

Form 5

Karasyova Natasha

My Green Friends.

We live in a three-room flat. My favourite room is our living room. The room faces south-east. It is the largest room in our flat.

There isn`t much furniture in it, but there are a lot of different flowers. There are two windows in this room. They are full of green plants. I water them once or twice a week.

My favourite flower is the chrysanthemum. This lovely flower can be white, yellow, red, purple or pink. They appear from late August to December.

They have the unique spring smell-the smell of fresh air and greenery.

I am proud of my green friends. They help us to receive a good rest after a busy day.

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like flowers.

Form 7

Veligosha Karina

Good health is above wealth (proverb).

In order to keep fit it is necessary to follow some rules.

To get up early and to go to bed early.

Every person should sleep eight hours a day. The English proverb says: “Early to bed, early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy and wise “.

To eat natural food: fruit and vegetables, to drink natural juice and mineral water. “An apple a day keep the doctor away”. We mustn`t smoke .It`s bad and dangerous for everyone.

To go in for sports and to do morning exercises regularly.

As for me I like swimming. It’s very popular now. I swim twice a week. It keeps me fit the rest of the day.

I know what I should do to be healthy but unfortunately I do it very seldom. My favourite foods are meat, eggs, sweets and cakes. I forget all useful proverbs very often when I see tasty food!

Form 6

Bazalevsky Iliya

Should hunting as a sport be made illegal?

As for me I am against hunting.

The first reason is people depend on their animals and plants around them. Many animals and birds on the Earth are disappearing nowadays. Modern life is bad for them. The air is not fresh. The water is not clean. There is no good space for them to live. If the animals disappear, people will disappear from our planet too.

The second reason is animals help people. For example, cows give us milk and horses and elephants help to transfer heavy things such as logs and people. People have hunted and killed a lot of African elephants and Indian tigers. They have often hunted tigers for fun and for their beautiful skin. In the last century Africa was full of elephants. But these days there are not many of them in African parks.

The third reason is animals decorate our planet and our life: Elephants, tigers, horses and giraffes are wonderful animals. People have cut down many trees now. If we fell forests, many animals will die.

We mustn’t hunt animals!

We must save wild animals!

We must find the right balance between land, people and animals!

We must take care of nature!