Сочинение_3 Костромская Снегурочка в Британии

Once upon a time there was a Snowmaden in Kostroma. She was beautiful and funny girl. She loved New Year’s holidays very much. She liked to spend the New Year’s Day in such a way: she made riddles to children and gave sweets them for true answers(and for false as well not to make them sad). Like all Russian women she loved to wear Russian traditional winter clothes and looked like a queen in it.

Every Year she danced and played under the Christmas tree, but one day she appeared near Big Ben. There was a dangerous huge wind and probably it brought Snegurochka to London. Firstly Snegurochka was scared. She looked around the unknown city. She didn’t know English language and didn’t know anybody who could help her.

Suddenly she recognized Santa and his little elves. She went with Santa to congratulate English people. Then Santa decided to show her English sights, customs and traditions. She enjoyed visiting the country but was very nervous about New Year holiday in Russia and Santa transferred her to the Red Square in Moscow.

In Russia children found Snegurochka with beautiful English presents and amazing surprises. They were very happy about this celebration of their most favourite holiday!