Сочинение_2 Костромская Снегурочка в Британии

It was grey rainy day in London. Santa Claus was sitting in his cozy armchair in front of the fireplace. He was having a nap and dreaming about unknown beautiful young woman, called Snegurochka. When he woke up he decided to search the information about this women. He surfed the Internet but didn’t find anything, then he came across an ancient book.

There he found:

Snegurochka is a unique character of Russian folklore and an essential part of Russian New Year’s celebrations. According to the legend Snegurochka is the granddaughter of Father Frost and the Snowqueen.

Santa Claus was astonished about this fact. He didn’t know about children and grandchildren of his pen friend Father Frost. It was a mistery and he was in a hurry to continue reading.

Snegurochka has always been a helper to Father Frost. Young beautiful and smiling, she always travels with his granddad on a horse-drown sledge to visit children and give them gifts.

Santa Claus put his glasses away and thought a little. He admired this woman.

According to the legend the old man and woman who made Snegurochka from snow used two deep blue beads for eyes, made two dimples in her cheeks, and used a piece of red ribbon for her mouth.

Santa wanted definitely see this beautiful creature!

Snegurochka lives in Kostroma. She is the official symbol of this city.

The information about Snegurochka was so exiting that Santa Claus decided to write a letter to Kostroma and invite young woman to London. But he used not a snail mail, he was an advanced person and wrote an email. He was surprised to receive the answer from Snegurochka 2 minutes ago. She said that she would be happy to visit Great Britain. She could practice her English and improve it.

Since this time Snegurochka and Santa are true friends. Sometimes Santa is a tutor of Snegurochka. He helps her with English language and Snegurochka gets only excellent marks in the University for foreign languages!