Сочинение по английскому языку по темеBeauty will save the world



Выполнила Коваленко Дарья, ученица 11 «A» класса

The subject of my discussion is «Beauty will save the world». I’ve chosen

this problem for discussion because it is challenging, relevant, actual and very


Have you ever asked yourself what beauty is? We used to think beauty is

everything wonderful, everything that brings moral and aesthetic pleasure. So

many people have always been admired by beauty of a man, a girl and nature.

So many lines have been written about beauty.

So, what is beauty after all? And can a man feel beauty? This is a volatile, fragile, uncertain question, but it is clear to everybody that it is the state of mind. Or maybe it`s not the state of mind, but the state of the world?

Much has been written about beauty in great works, they say a lot about it in lofty words. It is talked about, argued desperately, dreamed softly. It is admired.

Beauty is a divine gift; it is a magic miracle and an eternal mystery. A beautiful woman is described in a large number of poems and songs, the beauty of a person, in general, is described in almost all the works of Russian literature. And I do not think anyone can answer the question what beauty is better than Russian poets. After all, who but the true artists of the word can create a perfect image in a few lines?

In my opinion, beauty is harmony. I mean harmony in everything: in the appearance, in a man`s heart, in nature, in a word. I think beauty is something universal. Beauty is everywhere; it permeates every corner of the globe.

Beauty has great power, because it resides in the human psyche and forces it . to sing, to strive for something better, makes us live.

One of the Chekhov’s characters said that everything must be beautiful in a person – face, dress, spirit and mind. We don’t mean good looks alone when we speak about someone’s beauty. We want to see a «beautiful spirit and mind» in a person. And very important are his character and actions.

But what is to be done if the face isn’t so beautiful? Should we take this fact too seriously? Of course not! Besides, as an American proverb goes, «Beauty is a very fine thing, but you cannot live on it».

At the same time, a modest, kind and honest person is respected and liked by everybody. «If you do well, good will be done to you», says an English proverb.

Moral beauty … How can we see it? I like people with inner beauty, who are very polite, kind and noble. They are easy-going and positive.

Do you think there is beauty in a person, who has good looks, but doesn’t respect old people? And those, who wear fashionable clothes, are not beautiful at all if there conduct in the street and in other public places isn’t good. There is an old English proverb about such people: «It’s not the gay coat that makes the gentleman» or «Don’t judge a book by its cover»

As you know, people in ancient Greece, thought much about the beauty of man’s body. They organized different games and competitions. There are many historical monuments, which symbolize the beauty of man. But, real beauty means more than a perfect body and clothes. A person, may have good looks, but what about his or her «beautiful spirit and mind»?

We know many examples of the heroism of our people in the Great Patriotic War and in peace time. All those people have shown the beauty of their character by their actions.

Some young people may not be able to see beauty when it is near them. So, take a good look at your neighbour. Try to find out his or her interests and what he or she thinks about. Then a rich and beautiful world may open before you and you will see something fascinating in your monotonous life and after all «beauty will save the world»!