Сочинение на тему Where love is all is


Love is a popular topic in youth newspapers and magazines. When a discussion about love begins, one of the main questions is «What love is?». You may have own answers but it’s interesting to know what some English proverbs say about it. Here they are: «Where love is, all is», «Love is neither bought nor sold», «Love will find a way», «Love makes the world go round», «Love makes one fit for any work», «Love is the mother of love», «Love without end has no end», «Love is the true price of love», «Love should not be on one side». «Love conquers all», said Virgil, a Roman poet who lived more than two thousand years ago.

What is the best age for falling in love? This question may seem native, but it is very important. There is, of course, no special age for love. Much depends on a person’s temperament and character.

Very often young people feel themselves physically developed and well informed. But there morality isn’t so high yet. There social maturity is still to be developed because they can let themselves do things which are too early for them.

We can see a lot of examples of great love. But everybody has to strive for his or her own happiness. As an English proverb goes, «Love is not found in the market».

I dislike young people who demonstrate openly their feelings towards each other in the street and in other public places. They respect neither themselves nor other people. Young people must learn to restrain their feelings because real love is shown in another way.

Responsible attitude to love is necessary for all. It is especially important for young people. I advise you to think about what may follow from an impulsive action, to learn to be self-controlled in different situations, not to make a serious mistake due to lack of thought.

Sometimes specialists speak about the accelerated development of the young generation today. Their opinion is certainly correct and cannot be ignored. But the rhythms of present-day life do not mean that moral values have become «old – fashioned». Faithfulness and honesty will always be modern. Listening to reason rather than feeling has to be a rule in some situations. Two loving people should respect and understand each other, share all joys and sorrows together, be faithful and honest to each other.

We should always remember to be tactful towards a person whom we love.

Выполнила: ученица 9 «Б» класса Зайцева Е.

Руководитель: Королевская И.В.