Сочинение на тему My mountain


My mountain.

Human’s life is considered to be like a river. But I have another opinion. In my imagination life is a chain of mountains. Climbing a mountain you have to overcome difficulties, to make plans how to reach the top. You are supposed to be strong and brave, smart and energetic. Only in this occasion you can be on the top. But there you can see another one much more beautiful and you will be eager to climb it either.

I realized that my life is like this. Let’s take my exams as an example. I studied music for 8 years and passed a lot of different exams. I had my music classes four times a week. I had to learn by heart dozens of melodies. Sometimes my fingers were in blisters and I did not want to go on playing the harp. My teacher always encouraged me to do my best overcoming difficulties. Tatiana Anatolievna taught me the way to get over my problems and helped me develop self-confidence. When I got my diploma I was very happy. I was on the top of “my mountain”.

Last year I passed exams at school. It was easier for me than for some of my classmates because I felt self-confident. It was another mountain in my life but I managed to climb it too.

Now I am going to have my final exams at school. The problem is that I am not good at mathematics. But I know the way out: to study a lot, to consult my teacher, to do a lot of exercises, to be patient. It will help me to pass the exam successfully.

How many mountains will be in my life? How many problems will I get over? Nobody knows. Neither do I. But I should be self-confident and I should never capitulate.