Сочинение на английском языке Учителя-астраханцы в годы Великой Отечественной войны

There is a school museum at our school, «The Museum of Fighting and Labor Glory». It’s not big but contains a lot of exhibits devoted to my school, to the former teachers and pupils, to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

When I came to the first class, we were taken to the museum and a guide told and showed us a lot of interesting things. I was a small girl, I was excited and anxious but I still remember the story about our first school director Olympiada Sergeevna Reshetova. When I decided to take part in this contest of compositions, it wasn’t a question for me who or what I’ll be writing about. I’m going to tell about a wonderful Person and a great Teacher, about teachers’ heroism during the Great Patriotic War.

War… It seemed that childhood finished for children and they grew at once. It was a very difficult time for everyone in the country. All Soviet people were united with one general aim — the front and the victory. The children had to help their parents and to study at the same time. It was uneasy but responsible, hopeful, generous and kind teachers were always near them. 

My former director Olympiada Sergeevna was a leader and an example for everybody. Her life and biography were usual for the people of that time. She was born in 1912 at the station Buzan. The girl studied at school, then at the College and at the Teachers’ Institute in Astrakhan. She was a Pioneer, a Komsomol member and a member of the Communist Party. Before the war in 1940 Olympiada Sergeevna came to our school. The war broke her plans but didn’t destroy her faith. She taught her pupils not only History. Her love and devotion to the profession and pupils added them the strength and courage. The teacher and her pupils organized the concerts for the bounded at the hospital, collected the warm clothes for the soldiers, a lot of things were sewn and knitted by them. They helped to grow the harvest, worked at the railway station. They did all their best to achieve the victory, and Olympiada Sergeevna was always ahead of them.

Our first headmistress didn’t keep a gun in her arms, she didn’t kill enemies. But in my opinion, she is a real heroine, she taught and brought up children at the most difficult times for the country. I’m proud of her and she is a person who I’d like to look at. O.S.Reshetova died in 2000 year but she’s still living in our hearts, on the photos of the school museum and in the memory of several generations of her thankful pupils. The best award for her is our memory…