Сочинение Welcome to Talakan

«Welcome to Talakan!» — «Добро пожаловать в Талакан!»

Welcome to Talakan! Have you ever heard of this name? Have you ever visited it? I suppose most of you give a negative answer.

But actually, Talakan is one of the nicest places I’ve ever lived. Its nature is beautiful. There are many hills, trees, flowerbeds in it. Here you can walk along the streets or have a rest in the central park with its many paths and not far from it there is Chinese park with its unusual buildings. Our town is nice, its houses are blue, green, orange, purple and grey. There are many places you can visit, for example, Fitness club where you can get fit and play billiard or visit town club where you can have cultural rest. In café « Apelsin» you can eat Chinese food and dance till the night. Of course, there is a hotel for our guests, a hospital, a police, 2 post-offices, 2 schools and 1 music school, 3 kindergartens, 1 library for readers, many shops and a beautiful church.

But I want to tell you about one of our sights – Burejskaya Hydro Electricity Station. It’s one of the biggest stations in Far East. Many specialists work here, many engineers from different towns come to live and work in Talakan. We often have excursions to this place, it is very interesting and exciting. This station is on the river Bureya, there we usually take photos with the view on taiga. I love my native town with its beautiful nature, with its cold winters. Welcome to our town. We wish it prosperity, social and material welfare, good ecology and much happiness for all its citizens.