Сочинение The best trip in my life

The best trip in my life.

One day I had a chance to take part in a youth expedition to the North Pole. I agreed because it was very interesting to visit the North Pole. And I had to collect things, so it was necessary to know the climate. I searched the Internet and found that in winter the temperature ranges from -43 ° C to -26 ° C, the average -30 ° C; during the summer months the average temperature remains around 0 ° C.(Picture 1)The sea ice at the North Pole is typically around 2 to 3 m thick. Strong winds often blow there. Now the climate changes there. Temperature has become warmer because of the greenhouse effect. (Picture 2.)

In the North Pole we found a beautiful phenomenon — the Northern Lights. This phenomenon can be admired forever. (Picture 3).The North Pole is an unique place. It has only one sunset and one sunrise a year.

I decided to learn about ecology and nature on the North Pole. Main sources of pollution: mining and transport (tanker fleet), military installations, processing industry.( Picture 4)

The nature in the North Pole is unusual. Some animals live there. They are white bears, polar foxes, walruses, narwhals. (Picture 5).To move people use a sledge pulled by dogs. (Picture 6). When I got ready and prepared to travel my group and I went to the airport, where we met a guide who said that we would leave in a week.We all were disappointed and returned home. But a week later I had the best trip in my life. (Picture 7.)

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