Сочинение Spring comes

My name is Zhenya Podlesnaya. I am in the 7th form.

Spring comes

In Russian poems spring is the most beautiful season of the year. Alexander Pushkin describes spring as the time of warmth, of work, of blossoms…I think spring is really nice when you love, when your heart wants to sing or to dance.

In the 4th form we learned a poem: Spring is green, summer is bright, autumn is yellow and winter is white. So every season has its own color. Today is the 7th of March and I see neither green leaves nor clean green streets. I see only dirty snow, grey trees without any leaves and ill classmates. It is windy, slippery and cold. So, spring comes…

On the one hand I don’t like spring, because the weather in spring is damp and quiet unpleasant. On the other hand I like spring, because when I am ill I don’t go to school and I do everything what I really want. In general I like spring and spring air, in spring our school comes to its end and most of people wait for summer., and pupils wait for summer holidays! 07.03.2013