Сказка The enchanted princess

The enchanted princess.

Once upon a time in a small village lived a girl called Mary. She lived with her parents and dreamed of going to a place where miracles happen where life is interesting and unusual. She always thought that she wasn’t like other children. In the village where she lived life was boring as there were few people to talk to. There were only a few old grannies who always told the same stories.

Her parents were not very strict, they loved and respect Mary. She also loved them as had nobody except them.

Mary was a wonderful girl. She was very sensitive, kind and what was more important she could understand animals. The only place where she could walk was the forest where she had a lot of animal friends to talk to. They were squirrels, different birds, wolves and foxes.

One day Mary went to her forest. She sat on her favourite brunch, tore off a leaf and began to turn it. Mary called her squirrels and birds. They came from different parts of the forest and began to jump and run around Mary. Suddenly Mary noticed that the leaf began to change its colour and cover with silver surface. It was unbelievable she couldn’t understand it. In a minute it became dark and Mary found herself in a strange place.

When Mary opened her eyes she saw a very strange place. It was a room. There was nobody in the room. She looked around and couldn’t understand what had happened. She decided to find the way out of this place. She tried to stand up but felt a sharp pain in the shoulder. In spite of the pain she made her stand up. In the corner of the room she saw a door. She tried to open it but she couldn’t. Suddenly she saw two big letters “O” and “C”. She decided to push “C” and in a minute the room became too narrow. Then she pushed “O” and the door opened. Behind the door there was a long passage and in the end of it Mary saw the sunlight. The girl decided to go. But suddenly she saw a figure that was coming to her. When it came nearer she saw that this figure was a small gnome. Mary couldn’t believe her eyes. She read about gnomes only in books.

The gnome told the girl a very interesting story about a little princess who was enchanted by a wicked witch. And Mary was the very princess. He had been waiting for her for a long time and he was glad that Mary came back. But Mary was a very kind girl. She didn’t forget about her family. Since that time the people from the village lived happily in the kingdom. And Mary’s parents turned out to be the king and the queen of that kingdom. And the animals that Mary loved dearly turned out to be the inhabitants of the kingdom. Dreams come true.