Семь причин чтобы посетить Ханты-Мансийск

МБОУ «Лаборатория Салахова» г.Сургут Student: Aliyev Alex Teacher: Lyudmila Mikhailovna Mezenina

Seven Reasons for Visiting KhantyMansiysk


the majority of my classmates have seen a lot of capitals of Europe and Asia, but not many of them have visited the capital of Ugra


1. There aren’t any places of interest in Khanty-Mansiysk.

2.There isn’t a high level of hospitality and tourism service .

3. There isn’t enough advertising.

Aim of the Project:

to provide schoolchildren with unique travel opportunities of the capital


to show Khanty-Mansiysk sights of interest;

to get acquaintance of the tourist product and travel agencies of the capital;

to prove that before visiting some other places or even foreign country, you must visit the capital of your own.

The Grand Tour of Khanty-Mansiysk

See the bridge, crossing the Irtysh, and Siberian Land Pioneers Memorial on the top of Jurassic period hill that offers a beautiful panoramic view of Samarovo, the historic part of the city (it was found in 1582).

Discover the history of Khanty-Mansiysk driving down the beltway along the Irtysh river.

Take a stroll across Central Square — one of the most beautiful places of downtown Khanty-Mansiysk, see Rotonda Fountain, Victory Park War Memorial and eternal flame.

Admire the Orthodox Temple Complex of Christ’s Resurrection and the Rotonda Fountain

At Torum-Maa (meaning ‘Sacred Land’), you’ll see summer and winter herding camp of Khanty and Mansi, sacred places and wooden idols, labazes, and sacrificial places.

Don’t miss your chance to visit an open ethnographic museum dedicated to Khanty and Mansi culture.

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery which is the first in the region has a magnificent collection of world-class art. Three Gallery’s showrooms display the15th- and 16th-century Orthodox icons, noteworthy collection of Russian paintings and drawings, decorative arts and crafts. The Gallery’s permanent collection contains more than 300 major works of art.

State Museum of Human And Nature

A treasure trove — ancient elephant fossil, mammoth’s predecessor lived 3 million years ago, is the most popular part of the Museum collection. The museum offers the region’s most comprehensive collection of priceless artifacts offering a glimpse into the rich cultural history of this area. The Museum features large selection of silver jewelry , and traditional exhibits of Orthodox Icons, rare books and manuscripts.

Through unique galleries the Museum showcases the human and natural history of the native peoples of Ugra from the Middle Ages to the present time, and special exhibits including ‘Historic Time’, ‘Antiquity’, ‘Siberian Yearbook’, ‘Millenium Boundary’.

Museum of Geology, Oil and Gas

The Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the capital, being one of the world’s 10 original buildings created in a northern climate in 2003.

This fascinating museum with 7,700 sq m of exhibition space houses the authentic recreation of oil and gas discovery and production, exciting history of the oil and gas industry. Structure of the Universe and Earth, Preservation of Environment, the region’s minerals and rocks, crystals of quartz — are the themes of Museum’s exhibits.

Sculptural composition “Mammoths”

Sculptural composition “Mammoths” consists of bronze figures of mammoths in weight of 70 tons, wooly rhinoceros, Wolves, Primeval bison, Cave bear, Deer and there is also the cave of Homa sapiens. The composition has settled down on the mountain Samarovsky Ostanec.

Winter Olympics

One of the main Khanty-Mansiysk attractions, the Biathlon Center with exceptional trail system, designed to meet international competitive standards. The Biathlon Center offers you a wide variety of cross-country ski outings. You can ski along a quiet forest trail or challenge yourself on one of the many cross-country or biathlon trails used by world’s top sportsmen. The adjacent alpine skiing slopes offer excellent downhill and snowboarding opportunities.

Travel agencies of the capital

I visited Khanty-Mansiysk this winter, but before I have made a tour of the internet trip of the following addresses:

u-tour86.ru – Югорская Туристическая Компания

turizm-hmao.ucoz.ru –Туристическое агентство «Наутилус»

laguna.tu1.ru – Туристическое агентство «Лагуна»

ugratravel.ru – Туристическое агентство «Югра-Трэвел»

anaya-tours.narod.ru – Туристическое агентство «Аная-турс»

on7hills.ru – Гостиница «На семи холмах»

ugra-service.ru – ОАО «Югра-Сервис»

khanty-tour.ru — Туристический гид о Ханты-Мансийске

Khanty-Mansiysk – the City on Seven Hills”.

These are my 7 reasons for visiting the capital:

to climb Ugorian Land Pioneers Memoria, the highest point of the city

• to visit the best interactive museum of Russia.

• to visit one of the best centers in the world of skiing.

• to plunge into the mysterious world of Ancient Ugra.

• To participate in the Ugra safari.

•to pat the mammoth.

•to take memorable photos of the ancient animals from arheopark.


1. There are many places of interest in Khanty-Mansiysk.

2.There is a high level of hospitality and tourism service.

3.There isn’t enough advertising and that’s why I’ve introduced mу project.