Родной город Мелеуз

My native town Meleuz

I live in Meleuz. It is situated in Bashkortostan between big cities Ufa and Orenburg. My native town is small but very beautiful. Meleuz was founded in 1958. It’s population is 63 000 people. In my town there are two cinemas- “Oktyabr” and “Kosmos” and two parks- “Slava” and “Gagarin’s” park. There are a lot of places for entertainment in “Slava” park and “Gagarin’s” park is a woody place with small river “Karan”. We like to have picnics there. In Meleuz there are six schools, one lyceum and three gymnasiums. I study in gymnasium number one. My town has the museum in which there are over eight hundred exhibits. There are several big plants in Meleuz but mostly people work in commerce and in small business. The main point of interest is Nugush which is situated in Meleuz region. “Nugush” from Bashkir language means “clean water”. People not only from our republic come there to have a rest and enjoy it’s beautiful nature.

Яковлева Дарья Александровна, ученица 4 В класса,гимназия №1 г.Мелеуз республика Башкортостан

Учитель:Яковлева Наталья Владиславовна