Реферат на английском языке London Sightseeing Tour

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Выполнила: Захарова Анастасия, ученица 5 «А» класса.

Руководитель: Королевская И.В.

The subject of my discussion is «London sightseeing tour». I’ve chosen this topic because it is actual, cognitive and very interesting. I have never been to England. My dream is to visit this remarkable country and to see all sights of London.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Irene. I’m glad to see you. Today I am your guide around London and I’ll try to do my best.

All right, so we are on a visit to London. First of all, you should visit the City. It is the business part of London where the big banks and offices are situated. That’s where the center of the city is, and it is from there that London started growing.

The district includes the Tower of London. The Tower was the Royal residence throughout the Middle Ages and a prison, too. In the courtyard you will see the scaffold and the ravens hopping about it on the green. There’s a superstition that the British Empire will come to an end when the ravens leave the Tower. And they don’t trust the birds much: their wings are clipped. I have read about that somewhere. A curious way of demonstrating eternity… The Tower was built in ten eighty-seven. It was built by William the Conqueror. Now the Tower is a museum and holds the crown jewels and other treasures.

If you visit the Tower, you shouldn’t miss Tower Bridge – its close by. It is one of the finest bridges spanning the Thames. It was built at the close of the nineteenth century.

In the City, too, is St. Paul’s Cathedral. I was told it is a fine example of the classical style. And it is the crowning achievement of English architect, Christopher Wren. The Cathedral was one of the highest buildings in the world before the skyscrapers.

By the way another work of Wren’s is the Monument. It’s a column commemorating the Great Fire of London, sixteen sixty-six. It has been erected near the spot where the fire started. An interior staircase leads to the very top of the column. You get a good view of the city from there.

If you care for painting you ought to visit the National Gallery. Canvases by contemporary artists are exhibited in this Gallery.

But there is a lot to be seen in London besides the museums. Take the Houses of Parliament. It dates from eighteen fifty-two.

In one of the towers of the buildings is the Big Ben- that famous tower clock. It can be seen from afar.

You can take a guided tour to Buckingham Palace. They have the Changing of the Guard in front of the Palace. I was told it is the most picturesque sight.

I suggest you to visit Trafalgar Square where the column of Admiral Nelson is situated.

. If you like musical festivals, concerts by pianists, violinists, go to the Albert Hall.

And where one go to listen to an opera or to see a ballet performance?

Opera performances are chiefly given in the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

It is famous for the great singers that have appeared on its stage.

Sadler’s Wells Theatre is well-known, too. It stages both opera and ballet. I advise you to go first to the Royal Theatre in Drury Land. It is the best theatre staging drama in London.

As you can see London is a wonderful city! There are many sights in London. The city is worth to visit.

Well, that seems to be all – if you take main things. And above all, I haven’t told you anything about the Londoners….. But if you visit London, you’ll get acquainted with them yourself.