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Sherlock Holmes’s museum

Input in Sherlock Holmes’s museum on Bejker-strit

Sherlock Holmes’s museum — the London house museum of legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, the literary character created by sir Arthur Konan-Dojlem.

According to Arthur Konan-Dojlja, Sherlock Holmes’s products and its friend doctor Watson lived in apartment about Bejker-strit, 221b (Baker street, 221b) during the period with 1881 for 1904. During a writing of these products of such address in London didn’t exist. Subsequently this number has appeared one of numbers 215—229, appropriated to building Abbey National (English Abbey National). At museum creation the firm «221b Baker Street» has specially been registered to have possibility on the lawful bases to hang up on «Sherlock Holmes’s house», which real number 239, the corresponding tablet. Subsequently, however, the house nevertheless has received official 221b mailing address, Baker Street, London, NW1 6XE.

The museum is on Bejker-strit, nearby to the station of the London underground with the same name, approximately halfway from crossing of Bejker-strit with Merilebon-roud to Ridzhents-park. The museum in the four-storeyed house in the Victorian style settles down. The house is constructed in 1815 and entered in the list the buildings of Its Majesty representing architectural and historical value, 2nd class. Besides a museum signboard, outside on the house the typical London memorial tablet established on houses in which any historic figures lived is established. On the tablet it is specified that in this house with 1881 for 1904 there lived detective-adviser Sherlock Holmes.

The museum ground floor occupy gift shop and small a lobby. On the second floor there is a drawing room and Holmes’s room, on the third — Watson’s rooms and Mrs. Hudson. On the fourth floor initially used for the economic purposes, wax figures of heroes of various products about Sherlock Holmes are placed.

And here in this photo traces from bullets in the form of the initials of the queen. If you remember in one of books Holmes and Watson beat out the initials of queen Victoria.

Also in a museum there are some the wax figures representing characters from stories of Konan-Dojlja. About all it is possible to esteem in буклетике to freshen the memory, so to say =) With all it is possible to photograph though in обнимку. Here a couple from them: