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Прочитайте текст и скажите, почему автор считает, что нельзя отменять смертную казнь. Согласны ли вы с ним?

Capital punishment is the only way to deter criminals

Perhaps[pəˈhæps] all criminals should be required [rɪˈkwaɪəd] to carry[ˈkærɪ] cards which read: Fragile[ˈfræʤaɪl]: Handle[hændl] With Care. It will never do, these days, to go around[əˈraʊnd] referring[rɪˈfɜːrɪŋ] to criminals as violent[ˈvaɪələnt] thugs[θʌgz]. You must refer to them politely as “social misfits[ˈmɪsfɪts]”. The professional kille[ˈkɪlə] who wouldn’t think twice about using his cosh or crowbar to batter[ˈbætə] some harmless[ˈhɑːmlɪs] old lady to death[deθ] in order to rob[rɔb] her of her meager(мигэ) life-savings[ˈseɪvɪŋz] must never be given a dose of his own medicine[ˈmedsɪn]. He is in need of “hospital treatment[ˈtriːtmənt]”. According(экодин) to his misguided[mɪsˈgaɪdɪd] defenders(дифЭндес), society is to blame[bleɪm]. A wicked[ˈwɪkɪd] society breeds[briːds] evil[iːvl] – or so the argument[ˈɑːgjʊmənt] goes. When you listen to this kind[kaɪnd] of talk [tɔːk], it makes you wonder why we aren’t all criminals. We have done away with the absurdly[əbˈsɜːdlɪ] harsh [hɑːʃ] laws of the nineteenth century and this is only right. But surely(шёли) enough[ɪˈnʌf] is enough. The most senseless [ˈsenslɪs] piece[piːs] of criminal legislation(лэджислейшн) in Britain and a number of other countries has been the suspension(сэспэншн) of capital punishment[ˈpʌnɪʃmənt].

The violent criminal has become a kind of hero(хироу)-figure(фигэ) in our time. He is glorified[ˈglɔːrɪfaɪd] on the screen; he is pursued (письюд)by the press and paid[peɪd] vast[vɑːst] sums(самс) of money [ˈmʌnɪ] for his “memoirs”. Newspapers which specialize[спешилайз] in crime-reporting[рипотин] enjoy enormous(иномэс) circulations[сёкьюлэйшн] and the publishers(паблишес) of trashy(траши) cops(копс) and robbers(робэз) stories or “murder mysteries” have never had it so good. When you read about the achievements of the great train robbers(робез), it makes you wonder whether you are reading about some glorious[ˈglɔːrɪəs] resistance[rɪˈzɪstəns] movement. The hardened[хаднд] criminal is cuddled[кадлд] and cosseted(коситид) by the sociologists(сошиолоджист) on the one hand and adored[эдод] as a hero by the masses(мэсиз) on the other(азе). It’s no wonder he is a privileged(привилиджд) person(пёсн) who expects(икспект) and receives(рисивс) VIP treatment(тритмент) wherever(вереве) he goes(гоуз).

Capital punishment[ˈpʌnɪʃmənt] used to be a major deterrent[dɪˈterənt]. It made the violent robber think twice before pulling(пулин) the trigger(тригэ). It gave(гэйв) the cold-blooded(бладид) poisoner(ˈpɔɪznə) something to ponder(пондэ) about while he was shaking(шейкин) up or serving his arsenic(асэник) cocktail(коктэл). It prevented(привентед) unarmed(анамд) policemen from being mowed down while pursuing(пэсьюин) their duty(дьюти) by killers armed with automatic weapons(вэпэнс). Above(эбав) all, it protected the most vulnerable(валнэрбл) members of society, young children, from brutal(брутл) sex-maniacs(мэньякс). It is horrifying(хорифайн) to think that the criminal can(кэн) literally get away with murder(мёдеэ). We all know that “life sentence” does not mean what it says(сэз). After ten years or so of “good conduct(кондАкт)”, the most desperate(дэсперет) villain(вилэн) is free to return to society where he will live very comfortably, thank(фенк) you, on the proceeds of his crime, or he will go on committing offences until he is caught again. People are always willing to hold liberal (либрел) views(вьюз) at the expense of others(азес). It’s always fashionable to pose(поуз) as the defender of the under-dog, so long as you, personally, remain unaffected. Did the defenders of crime, one wonders, in their desire for fair-play, consult the victims(виктим) before they suspended capital punishment? Hardly. You see, they couldn’t, because all the victims were dead.