Проектная работа Роботы в жизни людей

Robots in people’s life

Тегин Никита

Абдулаев Улугпек

НОУ СОШ «Гармония»

In today’s society, robots are used in everyday tasks, and have become an essential part of most people’s lifestyles. We all saw robots in movies. In the beginning, bots were just metal things that looked funny. As the time passed, movies became more advanced. The word “robot” is a Czech word for a servant or a slave. It was invented by a Czech writer Karel Capec in 1920. The word “robotics” was first used by Isaac Asimov in 1937 in a story called Robby.

Bots have a long history. Furthermore robotics is advancing pretty fast. We’d like just to tell briefly about robots invented by shrewd engineers all over the world. There are all kinds of kits on the market.

Aibo the dog, designed by Sony, can walk, talk and wag its tail. It can express emotions of happiness, sadness, surprise, fear and dislike. You can talk to it and it will respond. Aibo can read your e-mail and take pictures. You can also programme Aibo to respond to a specific name. You don’t have to clean after it and its feeding is very cheap – just recharge its batteries.

Asimo is a humanoid robot. It has two legs, two arms and red light for eyes. It can walk, talk, climb stairs and even dance. It can also recognize people’s faces, gestures and voices. It took Honda’s engineers 16 years to create Asimo. The robot is not for sale because its creators want it to became even more intelligent.

If you want to have a robot that can understand how you feel, then the creation of two US scientists will be of interest. Their robot won’t have emotions of its own but it should be able to respond to its owner’s mood. So if you feel sad, the robot will ask if it can help you.

We are fond of robotics, and the idea to create a robot came to our minds when we thought of a number of things made by a man in his/her everyday life.

If you are tired of performing routine tasks about the house, then our new robot can be an answer. We designed it to make the people’s life easier. This robot opens a lot of possibilities in terms of functionality.

But before bringing this idea to life, we decided to find out people’s attitude towards robots. So 78 % of people think that robots are ok. By the way they make people’s life easier doing many routine or extremetly dangerous jobs. But still 22% think that our reliance on technology is transforming us into an introverted species, their attitude to bots is rather negative.

To create such a robot we need: two electric motors, two photo-transistos, resistors, LEDs, phototoelectric sensors.

The principle of robot is this: when one of the photosensors of such a robot receives the light sensor it turns the appropriate motor and robot turns towards light source as long as the light does not illuminate both photosensors and the second motor starts working.

When both sensors are lit, the robot moves toward the light source. If one of the sensors is no longer illuminated, the robot turns back toward the source of light, and reaching the position where the light falls on both photosensors, continues moving to the light. If the light is no longer falls on the photoelectric sensors, the robot stops. Such a robot will definitely help about the house and save your time.

Beside hobby robot kits, there are robots that help handicap people, build cars and computers, help in the farms. In one sentence, robots became irreplaceable devices in our lives. We don’t notice that, but if all the robots suddenly stop working, we would have big problems. Who knows what brings the future.

This very question we asked themselves while constructing our Pelm. We’ve decided to find out what people think about what lies in store for us in the near future. (Opinion poll). As it illustrated in the diagram: 60 % think that robots will be irreplaceable part of our life, performing more and more things. 32% The complexity of the human brain reigns supreme over the programmed one of a robot. robots will never conquer our Planet! And only 8% robots will conquer the world one day!

All we know, robots will be more and more advanced, and it will affect us even more. Let’s just hope that Terminator scenario will not happen.