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Project «How to cope with Discrimination».

As I see, nowadays there is a very serious social problem. It’s discrimination. Cambridge University dictionary says discrimination means treating a person or particular group of people differently, especially less fairly from the way in which you treat other people. There are many kinds of it: racism, school bullying, ageism, sexism, etc.

To my mind, the most dangerous thing for teenagers is just bullying. Many of them are teased at school. A number of young people are too shy, unsure and timid to resist it. Sometimes teenagers aren’t accepted for who they are. A few of pupils can’t break the ice being new to the class. As a result there are many conflicts and even fights from time to time.

Anyway, I’m sure that discrimination problem must be solved. If you are laughed at or made fun of. If you feel hurt at school, you shouldn’t suffer in silence. Share your trouble with a friend, a teacher or parents. One can even visit psychologist or phone counseling service if necessary. Of course, everyone ought to know his or her rights because discrimination is illegal, so schools have an official responsibility to protect you. On the one hand, we should be friendly, positive and open-minded to talk to somebody. On the other hand, teenagers mustn’t blame or accuse other person and they should be flexible to avoid conflicts at all costs.

In conclusion, I must say that there are many ways of dealing with such problem, as discrimination and especially bullying. Always remember the idiom: «A problem shared is a problem halved, » — and, in any case, don’t give up! Everyone has a right to live happily and free from discrimination, without any doubt!

-Written by Alekseev Maksim, 10«A»