Проектная работа Дискриминация


As you know, there are a lot of social problems. Today, I want to tell you about discrimination.

Discrimination – treating person or group of people. It is terrible thing! There are different types of discrimination. For example, national origin or religion. Let’s talk about bulling at school and especially about Russian pupils.

It is not a secret that Russia is the largest country in the world. There are a lot of nationalities in it.

Many of them have there own culture and habits. Of course, we consider that it is our common heritage, but on the other hand it can cause some problems with communication between pupils.

A lot of pupils are bulled just because they have another religion or color of skin. So, they often feel nervous about going to school.

Unfortunately, this situation is widespread in our country. To my mind, we must solve this problem as quickly as we can. Here some advices about dealing with discrimination:

You should be confident and active.

You should know your rights.

You should understand that your parents, teachers and government will help you anyway.

Never give up!

These rules can help people to avoid this problem. I think they are useful and important.

So we must solve this problem as soon this possible. This way, we will provide a bright future for our children and all people in general!