Проект New Year in China

From ancient times before Чунь Цзе (By the holiday of spring) the Chinese locked oneself in the houses, hiding from an enormous monster Ниан (in China Ниан designates «a year»). As legend says of, a monster every year got out from a sea and devoured all flesh that came across him his «walk by land. Those, who locked oneself and was at a home, ate, drank and prayed, lived so long till morning, woke up, went out of doors, to see a damage and call on neighbours. So lasted to the that moment, while the Chinese did not know that Ниан was frightened red color and strong noise. Just like this tradition appeared to celebrate New Year in red clothing, and during a holiday to burn bangers and petards.

Therefore before meeting of New Year the Chinese beforehand provide oneself different bangers and petards. Exactly from them this tradition migrated and to us, but the few knows her destiny. In the countries stretched out on spaces of the former CIS, petards simply blow up in eve New Year, and it is just admired bangers. The Chinese intentionally blow up petards and bangers in the first new-year day. As legend says of, except Ниана at this time the bad spirits banished from different places fly on all China. They search to itself refuge on a next year. And petards and bangers, on legend, frighten off spirits, and it is not given the same by him occupied in a new house.

.Chinese New Year — it, foremost, a domestic holiday. A new-year supper does not begin until all family members will not gather at the table. That surprisingly, the Chinese even envisage places at the table for that person that on some reasons was not able to visit this momentous evening. As soon as a supper closes, traditionally adults give to the children money in red envelopes. This money in New Year, as assumed, must bring luck to them. In ancient times money was given not in envelopes, and in the type of necklaces that was made from one hundred chinks. This was original congratulation wishing to live there are to one hundred years to the man. However, necklaces from one hundred chinks and today very popular in China.

During celebration of New Year the Chinese plenty of time spare to prayers and presents to Gods. Of yore, worshiping was necessary to Gods of Sky and Earth. In the monument of Chinese literature «Шуцзин» is talked, that there was time in distant antiquity, when Sky met with Earth and people could calmly intermingle with Gods. A book was saved till today, and now this record in her became legend. The Chinese consider that in new-year night Gods from Sky go down on Earth, and people must them well meet and bring to them anything food. It is ordinary foods from bobs. Yet in antiquity bobs provided with property guarding from evil spirits and bad fairies. Except this яства brought in a gift rice that carried the name «Rice of meeting of Gods». But to associate with spirits, two red candles and fragrance must stand on a festive table. Exactly they, as the Chinese consider, give an opportunity to associate with Gods in this night.

The ceremony of the «first exit» is very popular in China. He is accomplished right after the offensive of New Year. People go out a house in the successful» direction indicated in a horoscope «, and do about ten steps, and then return back. Thus they чествуют God of gladness.

There is another very interesting tradition — fisticuffs. Young fellows can participate in them only. Usually on such duels gathered and the great number of people gathers. That, who wins a fight, provides itself success and happiness on a next year.

Amusing tradition is a receipt in the gift of two tangerines. This tradition was conceived as early as 1000 to our era. As well as all people of the world, the Chinese after meeting of New Year begin to walk to each other in guests. And, going to someone, the Chinese always grab with itself two tangerines. In the Chinese pronunciation word-combination «two tangerines» similarly with a word «gold ». Therefore, if you get two tangerines in a gift, it means that a comfortable year is automatically wished you. But, getting an orange fruit, you must take from the table also two tangerines and to present them to the guests, that and to wish them no less successful year…

The Chinese before to celebrate New Year, very carefully conduct cleaning up in the houses. That interestingly: they sweep sex from a door to the center of room. Since a house clean is brushed, all panicles, совки, rags clean up in a place, where them nobody during a holiday was able to see. Reason of such strange behavior is covered also in legend: Gods during celebration of New Year fly around the houses of the Chinese and give to them a dust that symbolizes happiness. Therefore, if you will be put in order during New Year, then can by chance sweep all happy moments of the future from the home together with a dust.

Well now, when we became acquainted with legends and traditions of China, an occasion appeared for us. We can heave up the traditional glass with champagne and have a drink for Chinese New Year. Yes, and do not forget to abort the pair of petards in small hinge window pane! ]