Поле чудес 5 класс

МОУ «Белая СОШ»


The Wheel of Fortune

урок-игра 5 класс

Москвина Е.В.

МОУ «Белая СОШ»


The Wheel of Fortune

урок-игра 5 класс

Москвина Е.В.

Цель: тренировка написания слов по теме «Дом», «Квартира»

Ladies & Gentlemen!

I’m glad to meet you at our show «The Wheel of Fortune». Let’s choose the 1st trio. i’m happy to inform you that it’s devoted to …

I Smart board: Unscramble the word

1 – bedroom

2 – bathroom

3 – kitchen

First round

Let’s greet our players.

We begin our capital-show. Glad to see you at our game. Will you introduce yourself?

Turn the drum/Spin the top

Now listen to the task for the first round. Name the letters.

It is the house for the Royalty.

(p a l a с e)

We have the 1st winner. His/her name is … Please, these’re presents to the 1st players of our game. Take your sits.

II Smart board: Unscramble the word

1 – chair

2 – fridge

3 – floor

With great pleasure I invite the contestants for the 2 round of our game. Listen to the question.

The house in the country

(c o t t a g e)

The souvenirs are for the 2 trio. We’re greeting the 2d finalist of the game. And s/he is …

III Smart board: Unscramble the word

1 – hall

2 – wall

3 – door

We are to continue the game. Are you ready?

A room on the top of the house.

(a t t i c)

Brilliant! Our third winner is …! Congratulations! These presents are for you.

I invite the tree winners to play the final part of the game! Your applauds to them! It’s the most exciting moment because we’re going to find out the most intelligent & the cleverest student among the others. Look at the board & listen.

The highest building in the world has got such a name.

(s k y s c r a p e r)

The most useful name in the flat.

(w a t e r c l o s e t)

A special place with a chimney for a domestic fire.

(f i r e p l a c e)

Unfortunately our game has finished. Thank you for participating in it. Good luck!