Поект на тему My Family

Mikhonova Ekaterina

Class 5 « А»

Project:My family.

Teacher:Sokolova ElenaValeryevna

This is my family

We are a friendly family.

I have got a father, a mother, an elder sister, two grannies and two grandpas.

My mother is beautiful and clever and I love her most of all. She is the best mum in the world.

I love my father very much. He is kind and fair. My sister Tanya is nice to me. We are good friends.

I am the youngest in the family.

This is my dear daddy. His name is Dima. We like skating together in winter. My father is well built, he can play the guitar, he can cook.

It is my dear sister Tanyushka. She plays volleyball. She likes walking very much.

It is my dear mummy. Her name is Natalia. My mother the fairest and she is very beautiful. She cooks very tasty dishes. And I simply love her because she is my mother!!!

And now a little about me. It’s me. I am good at dancing. I dance 8 years in the national ensemble of different dances «Orion».

We take part in different competitions. We were in Anapa, Tula, Sochi. I like dancing very much.

My family