Письмо космонавту на английском языке

18 Rabochaya Street



March 9th, 2011

Dear Nicole,

My name is Liya. I`m seventeen. I live in a small city which is located not far from the capital of Russia. I have just heard you are back from your cosmic trip, so I dared to write a letter for you. I suppose that it will not take a big amount of your time.

Firstly, let me congratulate you with a successful mission. It was really well done! We all were looking forward to your return. I am going to miss the «Discovery», to tell you the truth. It is a really great shuttle. Having done so many flights, it deserves respect. I wish I could see the shuttle before it is reduced. It is worth being called a piece of history.

I know that you are an instrument rated private pilot. It does seem unusual for a woman to have such an occupation, doesn`t it? In my opinion, you should not pay any attention to unkind hints. You are a professional in your work, and nothing else matters.

In case my letter is the first text you read here, I should share some news with you. Libya doesn`t stop its civil war. There has to be influence of countries as the USA, China, or the whole Europe. The war is terrible. I don`t have a slightest idea why we cannot stop the conflict. How do you feel about it? May there be some facts which are not announced, so we are not able to estimate the situation properly?

I remember when there was a lot of fighting in Iraq. Many actors and singers managed to create organizations which were against aggression. I hope the same is going to be here.

This year, we celebrate 50-th anniversary of the first man`s leaving the Earth. The man mentioned is Yuri Gagarin, a Russian cosmonaut. His flight, which was made on 12 of April, 1961, lasted 108 minutes. There was a comedy, though. Because of a mistake in coordinating, Yuri didn`t land on the point which was chosen before. He touched earth in another place, and was firstly met by a woman with a little girl, not a special delegation. The search of the lost cosmonaut hasn`t lasted for a long period of time. When he was found, he received a telegram of congratulation immediately. It allowed Yuri being called a national hero (this rank was given to him two days later). Gagarin`s life was not long. He fell to his death on 27 of March, 1968, but we never forget him as the first man in the cosmos.

I hope you enjoyed my letter. I wish you came to our school in order to encourage our students. Dreams come true, and you prove it every working day. It was a pleasure to write you. Please, answer if you can.

Sincerely yours,