Письмо Санта Клаусу

30 december

Dear Santa Claus!

I write in hope that at you time will read my small letter during

preparation of gifts for New year.

My name is Aisilya. I am eleven. I live in a village in the Republic of Tatarstan. I study in 5th grade of Novokinerskey lycium.

My family is very big. It consist of my mother,father,grandmother, grandfather, my younger sister and me.I think that I was good daughter for my parents and the best sister for my younger sister.I try very much in study and I like sing songs.

Dear Santa Claus , for Christmas I would like to receive a book about stars. I don’t study Astronomy in my school,but I want to know more about stars. I hope that you don’t forget about my little sister.

Merry Christmas to you!

Best wishes,