Первые шаги

Творческие работы учащихся 9 класса 2011 — 2013

Стрелкин Владимир

I have arrived in Spain,

There’s a very beautiful train.

In Spain I saw a wonderful bird,

The most beautiful in the world.


I went to the wood by mistake.

Suddenly I saw a train,

Then I saw a snake.

I have tried to explain.


A beautiful place Savannah,

A good place for photograph.

There’s an excellent banana

And a very tall giraffe.

Вяткин Сергей

A head, oh my poor head!

SFE (GIA) has bothered you.

We’d like to have a rest.

To walk and to sleep too.

Галуза Полина

There was a little crocodile. It has a friendly toothy smile. It traveled by train One summer in Spain What a full of humour reptile!


One day a poisonous snake Bit its tail by mistake. It was very afraid Of a bite it recently made But it has got only tail ache.

Луков Иван

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

Леса красивы и темны, Но обещания важны. Пройду я милю не одну. И лишь потом только усну.

Финк Кристина

Ты дружбу не купишь за деньги, Её не найдешь просто так. Ведь дружба как золото ценна, А также не всем по зубам.

You cannot buy friendship with money. It cannot be found just. After all friendship’s like honey. And also not all find just.